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Poker Vlogger Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau Wins Mid-States Poker Tour Venetian Main Occasion

Poker Vlogger Ethan “Rampage Poker” Yau Wins Mid-States Poker Tour Venetian Primary Event

A single of poker’s more well-identified vloggers earned his very first main reside tournament victory and a six-figure score to go with it.

Final weekend, Ethan Yau, recognized for his “Rampage Poker” YouTube channel, took down the $1,one hundred Mid-States Poker Tour Venetian main event. Yau, who also won a Planet Series of Poker bracelet in the course of the 2020 on-line series, bested a 1,741-entry field to earn the title and $230,379, the biggest score of his career.

The final three players agreed on an ICM chop, which gave Yau the lion’s share of the prize pool. Jeremy Felicetti earned the runner-up finish for $163,641 and Mickey Ma claimed third location and an even $160,000.

Most of Yau’s content on YouTube is based about his adventures playing money games. Following initially playing $1-$three and $two-$five no-limit in the New England region, he recently began traveling about the nation and hopping in higher-stakes games.

“This feels awesome,” Yau told PokerNews reporters after the victory. “I actually really like the tournament grind and battling it out with some of the ideal poker players.”

He also admitted that his reside tournament knowledge is restricted, but mentioned that in the huge spots, Lady Luck had his back. The effectively-timed good variance inspired him to play far more tournament poker in the future.

“It was a actually difficult field with a lot of actually very good players,” stated Yau. “I know not possessing as much expertise in tournaments didn’t support me, but I had such a great time playing in this occasion and was able to run excellent when it counted. I will certainly be playing far more of these in the future with out a doubt.”

The final table was really set late on Day two and Bradley Beetz hit the rail ahead of the day’s finish, which left the remaining eight players coming back on Day three to battle it out for the title with everybody looking up at Boris Kolev on the leaderboard. Yau was one of the many players bunched with each other under Kolev, while Nick Ahmadi was the clear quick stack with just six huge blinds.

Ahmadi laddered up the payouts when Thuy Nguyen got his last nine big blinds into he middle preflop with AHeart SuitQDiamond Suit against Robert Clark’s 10Diamond Suit9Diamond Suit. The flop came 10-higher and Nguyen never ever improved on the turn or river which sent him property in eighth-place for $33,601.

Just a minutes later, Ahmadi got his brief stack into the middle with KDiamond Suit5Diamond Suit against Kolev’s QClub Suit10Heart Suit. The QSpade Suit9Diamond SuittwoSpade Suit vaulted Kolev into the lead. The JSpade Suit turn and the 3Spade Suit river officially eliminated Ahmadi.

Then Yau got the best of World Poker Tour champion Ilyas Muradi. Yau raised on the button and referred to as a 14-large blind jam from Muradi out of the small blind. Yau tabled AClub Suit8Club Suit and was in a dominating spot against Muradi’s ASpade SuitsixClub Suit.

The board ran out ADiamond Suit9Heart SuitfourClub Suit7Heart Suit9Club Suit and the most accomplished tournament player at the final table earned $55,442 for his efforts.

Following Muradi’s exit, Yau held a commanding chip lead, followed by Kolev. Felicetti, Ma and Clark all had sub 20-big blind stacks and had been neck-and-neck for both third in chips and the brief stack. Early into 5-handed action, Clark turned the nut straight against Yau’s best two pair to put a dent in Yau’s lead, but the early double up didn’t prevent him from getting the next player eliminated.

Ma doubled by way of Clark with ADiamond SuittenDiamond Suit against QHeart SuittenHeart Suit and got in an eerily similarly dominating spot to send Clark to the rail in fifth. Ma picked up ASpade Suit10Club Suit and got all the chips into the middle against Clark’s KSpade Suit10Club Suit.

The QClub SuitQDiamond SuitJDiamond Suit8Club SuitQSpade Suit runout secured Clark’s fate and gave Ma adequate chips to survive lengthy adequate to make the eventual ICM deal.

Kolev, who was the chip leader at the start off of the day’s action just a few hours earlier, located himself as the short stack. He raised to almost his complete stack with ASpade Suit3Spade Suit and then known as off his last few massive blinds when he was raised by Yau.

Yau was in a great spot with AHeart Suit7Diamond Suit and flopped Kolev almost dead on the eightClub Suit7Spade SuitsixHeart Suit flop. The 6Club Suit came on the turn, which meant Kolev was officially drawing dead to the meaningless 4Diamond Suit river.

Yau held a huge chip lead at the commence of 3-handed play, even though Felicetti and Ma have been close in chips, but far behind the YouTube star. According to the reside updates, it was Felicetti was began the chop discussions and soon after seeking at the numbers, the final three players agreed to a deal that gave Yau the trophy and the greatest score of his young career.

Final Table Results:

Spot Player Earnings POY Points
1 Ethan Yau $230,379 1,080
two Jeremy Felicetti $163,641 900
3 Mickey Ma $160,000 720
4 Boris Kolev $94,084 540
five Robert Clark $72,243 450
six Ilyas Muradi $55,442 360
7 Nick Ahmadi $43,682 270
8 Thuy Nguyen $33,061 180
9 Bradley Beetz $26,881 90