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Podcast – guest Chris Andrews

Podcast – guest Chris Andrews

Our guest this week is Chris Andrews,&nbspDirector of the Sports Book at South Point. We had Chris on final year to speak about his book, “Then 1 Day,” and now he is back to speak about his second book, “Then One particular Year.”

Show Notes

[00:00]&nbsp Introduction of Chris Andrews, sportsbook director and author of Then 1 Year

[00:41]&nbsp How is Then One Year different from Then One Year

[04:53]&nbsp Recounting wins and losses

[06:33]&nbsp Las Vegas’ pandemic recovery

[07:42]&nbsp Wellness updates

[11:49]&nbsp Why was 2020 so tough for bookmakers?

[15:56]&nbsp Was there sharp funds in obscure markets during the pandemic/

[16:46]&nbsp Calculating odds on obscure sports

[18:11]&nbsp Variance in bookmaking operations

[21:34]&nbsp Tom Brady’s effect on futures

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[28:37]&nbsp Desaun Watson

[32:22]&nbsp Other NFL moves that effect futures

[36:01]&nbsp College basketball

[39:05]&nbsp Hedging bets with other books

[40:12]&nbsp How involved is Chris in originating lines?

[44:31]&nbsp Monday Night Football

[46:40]&nbsp Chris’ individual betting in football contests

[48:37]&nbsp A feasible third book from Chris

[49:45]&nbsp Roxy Roxborough

[50:45]&nbsp Recommended:&nbsp Super Pumped on Showtime, Winning Time on HBO, The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz. The Judge’s List by John Grisham, Endurance by Alfred Lansing

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Then 1 Year by Chris Andrews –

The National Football Lottery by Larry Merchant –&nbsp


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Rise of the Lakers

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz –&nbsp

The Judge’s List by John Grisham –&nbsp

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