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Going with the Flow

Going with the Flow

This happened to somebody else in the late 1990s. I feel it was at Caesars Palace about 4 or five owners ago. I do not consider I have written about it previously and it’s worth discussing. I may possibly have some of the details incorrect, but all round, it fairly considerably occurred the way presented.

“Al” was playing at Caesars at an occasion for invited guests. It was the kind of occasion exactly where you earn one particular drawing ticket for every $1,000 coin-in.  Then at the banquet on the final night, a drawing is held and lots of money is given away.

Back then the tickets have been produced of cardboard, and you had to fill each out with your name and player’s card quantity. Lots of players had a specific way of folding their tickets to improve their probabilities — but today’s story is about anything else.

The guidelines stated that you had to have your tickets in the drum by 7 p.m. and the drawing would start shortly thereafter. Al played heavily for this promotion and showed up at 6:57 with his filled-out tickets in hand. To his horror, he found that the drum had already been moved to the stage and two prizes had currently been offered out. What to do?

Al saw two executive hosts close to the back and told them they had to quit the drawing and that he had been cheated out of a opportunity to be picked for a single of the first two prizes. The far more senior of the hosts said, “Don’t make a scene. We’ll take care of you after the drawing is more than. We’ll figure out how to make positive you end up okay.” 

So, what ought to Al do? If he was going to make a scene to safeguard his rights, he must speak up right away. If he was going to trust this host, then he need to just shut up.  

Al decided to trust the host and see what happened. 

Soon after the event was more than, Al was referred to as in to see the Vice President of Promotions, or whatever the title was. He knew how a lot of tickets Al had, how numerous tickets have been issued, and how much money was becoming offered away. Al’s fair share was about $four,000, though he could have been drawn for $1,000 or $20,000, or anyplace in between. Even not getting drawn at all was a non-negligible possibility.

The vice president went by way of these numbers with Al and provided Al $five,000 worth of certificates at Caesars Forum, which was a high-finish purchasing center. Al would have preferred cash, but this wasn’t a terrible provide. 

Al’s initial instinct was to hold out for $6,000 worth of certificates, but he recognized that it was an unintentional mistake, and the casino was attempting to be fair about this. They had, right after all, offered away the entire prize pool to other players and this $5,000 in purchasing certificates was over and above what they had advertised they had been going to give out.

Al didn’t want to appear unreasonable. He could envision holding out for $6,000, the casino providing it to him, but also telling him he was no longer welcome to play there.

So, Al accepted the provide. And then he searched the shopping center to figure out what he could acquire that he could convert into the greatest amount of income. That portion of the story is worth an additional entire blogpost, but I don’t have the specifics on that — and whatever he got far more than 20 years ago would probably not be the ideal selection today. Just the truth that you know he did this may possibly lead you to make better choices when you obtain present certificates.

I feel Al produced the correct decision. At times going with the flow is the very best thought. Calling attention to the casino’s inadvertent mistake could backfire.

What would you have done?