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Alexandros Theologis Is The WPT500 Knockout Champion

Alexandros Theologis Is The WPT500 Knockout Champion

Alexandros Theologis is in red hot kind appropriate now. The former MILLIONS On-line $three,200 Mix-Max champion recently won an online WSOP bracelet, and now has the title of WPT500 Knockout champion. That most recent result saw Theologis stroll away with a cool $115,068 in prize cash.

WPT #08 WPT500 Knockout Final Table Outcomes

Location Player Nation Prize Bounties Total Prize
1 Alexandros Theologis Austria $64,178 $50,890 $115,068
two Viacheslav Zaslavskii Russia $64,069 $11,520 $75,589
3 Daniel Colpoys Mexico $41,259 $7,949 $49,208
4 Arseniy Malinov Russia $27,132 $21,271 $48,403
5 Ilia Plaxin Russia $18,362 $2,820 $21,182
6 Yulian Bogdanov Bulgaria $13,953 $10,126 $24,079
7 Patrick Brooks United Kingdom $10,092 $two,023 $12,115
8 Alexandros Kolonias Malta $8,004 $six,624 $14,628
9 Alexandru Baron Canada $six,243 $ten,243 $16,666

Some 2,126 partypoker players bought into the WPT500 Knockout over the course of numerous Day 1s, and only 317 of these made it by means of to Day two. The second day’s action halted when Niklas Astedt bowed out in tenth location, leaving only the nine-handed final table in play.

Those nine players returned to the WPT Planet On the web Championships-branded partypoker tables on September 7 to conclude the tournament. Each locked in a lot more than $6,200 from the primary prize pool, but there had been some juicy bounties in play, meaning no one took home less than $12,115.

Alexandru Baron was the very first finalist to drop their chips, undertaking so to Arseniy Malinov. Baron three-bet all-in with for a shade under ten huge blinds soon after Malinov opened from late position with . Malinov flopped a set and rivered a complete home to send Baron house in ninth.

Malinov claimed another scalp when he eliminated Alexandros Kolonias in eighth place. Malinov open-shoved from the little blind with and Kolonias referred to as off his final 11 big blinds with . Kolonias was drawing dead by the turn of the board.

Patrick Brooks’ tournament ended abruptly during the 2,500,000/five,000,000 level. Theologis min-raised to 10,000,000 with from under the gun, Viacheslav Zaslavskii 3-bet to 30,000,000 on the button with , and Brooks looked down at . Brooks, moved all-in for 58,631,248, and only Zaslavskii referred to as. Zaslavskii flopped an ace and hit trips on the river, game more than for Brooks.

Zaslavskii extended his chip lead by sending Yulian Bogdanov to the showers in sixth place. the 1st hand after busting Brooks. Zaslavskii min-raised to ten,000,000 with prior to calling when Bogdanov re-raised all-in for 43,100,506 in total with the dominated . A ten on the flop of the board reduced the player count by one.

Two Russian stars collided which resulted in Ilia Plaxin’s tournament coming to an end. Plaxin, down to much less than 5 huge blinds, open-shoved from the button with . Malinov three-bet all-in from the small blind to isolate Plaxin with his , and Zaslavskii folded in the large blind. By the river the board study , improving Malinov to a straight.

The next elimination happened throughout the 3,000,000/6,000,000 level, and saw Malinov open to 12,000,000 with . The action folded to Theologis in the modest blind, and he moved all-in with . Malinov named off the 159,819,594 chips he had behind, and it was off to the races. Malinov flopped an inside straight draw to go with his two more than cards, but the turn and river had been each bricks. Malinov walked away with far more than $48,000 whilst Theologis’ stack grew to virtually 600 million.

Daniel Colpoys was the third location finisher, an outstanding outcome considering he won the $two,one hundred six-Max Championship a few hours earlier for $167,321. Colpoys came unstuck when he three-bet all-in for 20 huge blinds with soon after Theologis had opened with . Theologis called the shove and won the hand courtesy of the board operating .
That hand gave Theologis a substantial chip lead, his 859,667,323 stack more than covering the 200,741,688 that Zaslavskii held.

The final hand saw Theologis shove from the button with and Zaslavskii call off his last 4 massive blinds with . Neither player enhanced on the board, but Theologis did not want to. A valiant work from Zaslavskii who returned him with $75,589, with Theologis banking $115,068 and the title of WPT500 Knockout champion.

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